iDECO 3.8meter Household Barbecue Oven Barbecue Foil Baking Aluminium Foil
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Size (L x W x H) 32 cm x 32 cm x 1 cm
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  • Product Features:
  • 1. This product is heat resistant, moistureproof and oilproof.
  • 2. This nontoxic and odorless foil is used to keep foods fresh to give primary taste to barbecue and baking for time and energy saving.
  • 3. It also can be posted in the kitchen to keep cooking utensils clean.
  • Product Parameter:
  • 1. Name: Tinfoil
  • 2. Material: Aluminized paper
  • 3. Package: Gift box
  • 4. Product size( L * W): about 380 cm * 30 cm