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  • High precision strain gauge sensor
  • Multi-unit display
  • Automatic zero re-setting
  • Automatic switch off
  • Low power indicator
  • Powered by 2* AA batteries


  • Wooden clip hanging photos are used to hang photos
  • Ceate space to store memorable moments, decorate bedrooms, homestay
  • Wooden photo clip is machined from high quality natural wood, processed by modern technology
  • Anti-detach, anti-cracking
  • The outside of the clamp is coated with a beautiful bright water-based paint
  • Non-toxic, safe for health
  • One of the extremely creative suggestions is to hang the photo with a beautiful little wooden clip
  • Display meaningful photos while beautifying the living space
  • Make sure with this convenient product you can transform the space around you into multicolored!


  • Cleans Black mold, detergent residues and fur
  • Sterilizing, disinfecting, odor removing of washer tub
  • Remove harmful germs that cause skin rash and pneumonia
  • Oxygen-based cleaner-okay to use on stainless tub
  • Minimized bubble forming - okay to use on front-load machines

Washing machine with a long dorsal attachment will find a lot of the inner cylinder of black residue and mold, accompanied by smell. Washing machine cylinder cleaner can get rid of garbage and mold, keep the washing machine clean.

Whether plastic material cylinder, or stainless steel, can be used. Newly developed active oxygen-based lotion (non-chlorine) will not damage the washing machine.


For Top Load/ Front Load Washing Machine:

1. Load the goods into the washing machine tub.

2. Add water (room temperature) to the high water level, running five minutes or so, so that the product is fully dissolved. Serious dirt washing machine, available 40 degrees Celsius warm water better.

3. If stained and dirty may soaked up to 5 hours.

4. Press the washing machine daily cleaning :(washing standard mode to avoid idling washing machine, can put a few pieces of cloth).


1. When using this product cannot put clothing or other chlorine-based and bleach.

2. Purpose of use other than prohibited.

3. Keep at dark storage, dry place, out of reach of children.

4. Have to finish the packet once open.

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  • This mini 12cm frying pan skillet is perfect for single servings that don't require a large pan
  • Non-stick interior is easy to clean and can be placed in the dishwasher
  • The frying pan is sturdy, and easy-grip handle is comfortable to use and provides stability
  • Perfect for preparing eggs, sandwiches, omelets, or even boiling water or milk
  • Nonstick surface, effectively prevents the oil pan body, reduce the cooking oil, edible vegetable oil is more healthy
  • Heat insulation handle, one injection of human muscle design, comfort grip
  • The hole design on the end of the handle for easy hanging
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Ideal for frying up single servings of eggs, crepes, sausages, seafood, poultry, burgers or vegetables.


  • Spring-loaded action and safety stop to help prevent over-cutting
  •  Anti-slip, easy-grip handle for safe and comfortable grooming
  • Safety lock on handle for safe storage
  • Ideal for All sizes pets (Small Size - for Small Breed, Large Size - For Medium or Large Breed)


  • Made of high quality plastic material, wear resistant and not easy to tear, environmentally friendly and durable to use
  • Lightweight and compact compact size and light weight, easy to open and pick up
  • Very suitable for daily use, very convenient and practical
  • Portable design, you can clean the mess easily when taking a walk with your puppy outdoors
  • Thick and strong It‘s thick and strong enough to hold any rubbish, waste and keep your pet and home clean
  • Wide use these trash bags are Ideal for use in play groups, at home, travel and camping or more outdoor use


  • Spring-loaded action and safety stop to help prevent over-cutting
  •  Anti-slip, easy-grip handle for safe and comfortable grooming
  • Safety lock on handle for safe storage
  • Ideal for All sizes pets (Small Size - for Small Breed, Large Size - For Medium or Large Breed)


  • With a lid, the fish scaler stops scales flying around and avoids messes
  • Easily and safely use to get rid of fish scale
  • Suspensible design and effective
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Ideal for modern home kitchen


  • Developed to ensure thorough cleaning of your washing machine
  • Simply place 1 tablet into the drum and proceed with a wash cycle
  • Cleans the filter & internal parts of your appliance including the drum & pipes
  • Powerful formula removes sediments of dirt + detergent residue
  • Eliminates bad smells
  • Safe touch water-soluble protective film
  • Suitable for all washing machine brands
  • For best results use 1 tablet each month
  • Material: cleaners, fungicides, high-molecular polymer, perfumes
  • Size: approximately 4.5cm*1.2cm
  • Color: Blue
  • Usage: On Normal Usage, Approximately 10 flashes depends on water quality.


  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • A perfect decoration for home, hotel and restaurant, etc.
  • A good gift for your friends
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Made of fine material, durable in use
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Unique professional design
  • Premium shade cloth, sunscreen and durability
  • Made of high quality acrylic fiber, durable, smooth and comfortable
  • Perfectly decorated bedroom, living room, balcony, hotel, French window, restaurant, coffee house and more
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • High temperature preshrinkage treatment
  • The bright family atmosphere makes the family atmosphere look more stylish and warm
  • Elegant style, this fresh color gives you a visual comfort
  • Easy to machine wash and dry
  • Relieves fatigue and relaxation, creating elegant pure beauty
  • Thick fabric, no fading, no deformation
  • High quality high density polyester fabric
  • Keep the room dark and cool in the summer
  • Keep the room warm in winter
  • Curtains can be used as backdrops for curtains, curtains or shop windows
  • Blackout curtains can be individually hung, or curtains can be arranged in pairs. Perfect for bathroom, kitchen, basement, coffee shop, laundry or any window
  • The stylish vertical stripe design makes your room look more elegant and charming, creating a warm and comfortable environment
  • Block most of the sunlight from reaching any room at any time of the day. Reduce external noise and enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment
  • Helps prevent dust from entering the house and provide some warmth in winter




- Material: polyester fiber (check clearly no shading)

- Style: Modern, Punch Curtains

- Size(WxH): 100cm x 250cm (1pcs)


Care instructions:

- Water Machine wash in cold water

- Donot bleach

- Tumble dry low


Package Included:

- 1 x 1pcs Sun Insulation Blackout Geometric Pattern Curtain 100cm x 250cm

#curtain #langsir #uvprotection #blackout #shading



  • Featuring gradient colour stripes and anti-sunlight
  • High shading, 70%-90% shading rate
  • The darker the colour, the higher the shading works
  • Perfect for late sleepers and afternoon naps
  • Each curtain panel has metal grommets on top
  • These sheer curtains are crafted of import premium quality faux linen fabric (100% polyester composition)
  • Our sheer curtains will instantly add a touch of elegance to your living space
  • Elegant and classic, fit any types of decorations
  • Easy installation
  • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Gradient colour design curtain creates a warm and romantic atmosphere for your family.
  • Filter the daylight softly and pleasantly

Product Specification:

- Material: PP

- DiameterRefer to photo attached

The outer diameter of the bottle mouth is more than 3CM, and the inner diameter of the bottle mouth is less than 3CM.

-Maximum Weight can bear: 2KG



-PP+ no traces stickers, strong adhesion, free punching installation.

-The wall-mounted space does not occupy space, and can be used for hanging shower gel, shampoo, hand soap, and the like.

- Moisture-proof, Waterproof, Oil-proof

- No drilling, No tools, No Screw

- Hang shower gel, shampoo, soap bottle.



  1. Clean the surface before use, and do not have water stains.
  2. If you install it on a tile that is often in the bathroom or kitchen, it is best to blow it off with a hair dryer and then let it completely dry.
  3. When installing, first determine the installation position, press the adhesive surface against the wall surface and press firmly from the middle to clean the small air bubble inside. (Note that this step is very important!)
  4. After attaching, do not put anything, let the patch rest on the wall for 24 hours, and then install the iron frame before it can be used normally.
  5. The adhesive stickers are affixed to the longer the installation, the maximum load can reach 2kg (2 liters).
  6. Not only can you put a shower gel shampoo bottle, you can also use it to hang an umbrella. It is suitable for hanging shampoos and shower gels for large bottle households, and large bottles of detergent can also be hung.

#shampooholder #nopunchholder #bottleholder #bathroomstorage #selfadhesiveholder



  • Sponge powder puff is more suitable for wet water use, it is convenient to push away the liquid foundation evenly
  • The triangular shape is convenient to apply to the corners of the eyes and the wings of the nose
  • Wet and dry powder puffs are generally round or rectangular
  • You can apply wet or dry powder on your face regardless of whether it is used wet or not
  • Regardless of whether you choose sponge puff or wet and dry puff, it is better to use moderate softness


  • Made of food grade ABS material,safe,non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • This product is suitable for all kind of dogs and cats
  • There are three colors designs, and you can choose the favorite one according to your like
  • Gives your pet have fresh and clean food/water immediately
  • Good hardness surface, can be detached and easy clean