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  • Size: 10cm X 0.2cm X 100cm
  • Color: Dark Grey; Light Grey; Dark Brown
  • Weight: 0.3kg
  • Material: Plastic Fitting

(Pita Pelekat Ivy Grip Tape Reusable Removable Washable 1 meter Non Slip Adhesive Tape Transparent)
It is easily removable and will not damage your walls or surfaces!
Washable and Infinitely reusable!
With a width of 30mm and the ability to be cut to any length, The Gel Grip Tape is perfect for any job!
One roll is the equivalent of approximately 71 Standard sized Gel / Nano Pads! How is that for value for money!
The Gel Grip Tape is a 1 Meter roll of Gel Pad Grip Tape
Is easily cut to any size! Making it the best Gel Pad solution on the market!
With a 3mm thickness, The Gel Grip Tape will stick to almost any smooth, clean and non-porous surface and stay there!
Can hold items up to 1 KG on smooth surfaces*
Made from our own Formula and specifications which we believe makes it the best Value, Best Quality and Best Overall Solution for all your Gel Pad needs.
Will work in perfectly in a temperature range from -16C or above 120C
Non-Toxic, Recyclable and Eco-Friendly - The Gel Grip Tape is safe and Non-Toxic and when you're done with it, it can easily be recycled.

Main Material: Nano PU Gel
Color: As the picture
Packaging Size : 15 x 4 x 18cm
Weight : 0.15kg
Package Included:
1 x Adhesive Tape
(Pita Pelekat Ivy Grip Tape Reusable Removable Washable 1 meter Non Slip Adhesive Tape Transparent)
Ia mudah ditanggal dan tidak akan merosakkan dinding atau permukaan anda!
Boleh dibasuh dan boleh digunakan semula!
Dengan lebar 30mm dan keupayaan untuk dipotong panjang yang diperlukan, The Gel Grip Tape adalah sempurna untuk apa-apa kerja!
Satu roll bersamaan dengan kira-kira 71 Gel / Nano Pad saiz standard!
The Gel Grip Tape adalah 1 Meter roll Gel Pad Grip Tape
Mudah dipotong dengan saiz apa pun! Menjadikan penyelesaian Gel Pad terbaik di pasaran!
Dengan ketebalan 3mm, Gel Gel Grip akan berpegang pada permukaan licin, bersih dan tidak berliang dan tinggal di sana!
Boleh memegang barang sehingga 1 KG pada permukaan halus *
Terbuat dari Formula dan spesifikasi kami yang kami percaya menjadikannya Nilai Terbaik, Kualiti Terbaik dan Penyelesaian Keseluruhan Terbaik untuk semua keperluan Gel Pad anda.
Akan berfungsi dengan sempurna dalam julat suhu dari -16C atau ke atas 120C
Bukan Toksik, Kitar Semula dan Mesra Alam - Gel Grip Gel adalah selamat dan tidak beracun dan apabila anda selesai dengannya, ia boleh dikitar semula dengan mudah.

  • SIZE : 100cm X 0.5cm X 100cm
  • COLOR : Black; Gold; Silver
  • WEIGHT : 0.5kg
  • MATERIAL :Mirrors face,Alloy clock
  • SIZE : 36cm X 8cm X 10cm (Small)
  • SIZE : 46cm X 10cm X 10cm (Medium)
  • SIZE : 60cm X 11cm X 10cm (Large)
  • COLOR : White
  • WEIGHT : 1kg
  • MATERIAL : WPC Board
  • SIZE : 62cm X 24cm X 14cm
  • COLOR : White
  • WEIGHT : 1kg
  • SIZE : 47cm X 8.7cm X 17cm
  • COLOR : White
  • WEIGHT : 1kg
  • MATERIAL : Wooden
  • Easy DIY.
  • Color Coated.
  • Elegant.
  • 4cm Wainscoting: Frame decoration used.
  • 8cm Wainscoting: Border used.
  • 8cm Chair Rail: Bottom lining used.
  • Kindly internal chat us to get FULL Tutorial Video.
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 40x60cm,40x120cm
  • 1Set = 2Pcs = 40*60cm mat + 40*120cm mat
  • Color: as picture
  • Very durable, washing does not fade, no smell, no hair, no pilling.
  • High quality Polyester material, anti-slip, absorbent and dustproof, fit for kitchen, bathroom and living room, ect. A perfect match for your home.


  • Soft, comfortable, protect your skin
  • Microfiber has strong water absorption effect
  • Super soft, plush, ultra-absorbent and quick dry for everyday use great towels
  • All Materials are pesticide and chemical free
  • All corners are double-stitched which makes the towels durable and long lasting
  • Lightweight towel quickly absorbs moisture
  • Machine Washable and Dryable
  • Suitable for outstation, one times use or travel


  • Expands when it meets water, and it becomes about 1.5 times when it meets water, and the contact area with the skin becomes larger
  • Which significantly improves the speed of applying makeup
  • The set contains three shapes: drop shape, oblique cut shape and drop cut shape, 360° accurate makeup, high-energy Q elastic, soft texture, skin-friendly and delicate, creating a natural and light base makeup
  • For both wet and dry use, blush, pressed powder, loose powder, contouring powder, etc
  • Recommended for dry use, BB cream, isolation cream, liquid foundation, blush cream, etc. for wet use


  • New formula, high concentration of high-performance glass cleaner
  • It can be diluted with a small cup and then use, can also be added directly to the wiper water tank
  • It is on the car topcoat, wiping rubber and a variety of metal without any corrosion, the role of rubber without hardening. It is on the wiper rubber rubber anti-aging function, to maintain flexibility, to extend the service life
  • Applicable to all models
  • Ultra-concentrated, easy to carry storage