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Ikea Style Carpet /Velvet Anti Slip

- Anti Slip Base
- New Tech Digital Printing
- Secure end cover.
- Size - 140cm x 200cm

  • -10meter panjang, 45cm lebar, 0.1mm tebal.
  • -Gred B
  • -Waterproof
  • -1kg
  • -PVC
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 40x60cm,40x120cm
  • 1Set = 2Pcs = 40*60cm mat + 40*120cm mat
  • Color: as picture
  • Very durable, washing does not fade, no smell, no hair, no pilling.
  • High quality Polyester material, anti-slip, absorbent and dustproof, fit for kitchen, bathroom and living room, ect. A perfect match for your home.
  • Ikea Style Carpet / Bedroom Living Room Velvet Anti Slip Carpet / Floor Mat/ Rugs / Tatami
  • - Anti Slip Base
  • - New Tech Digital Printing
  • - Secure end cover.
  • - Size - 160cm x 200cm

Size 1: 3cm(W) x 5m(L) 1 Roll = 5m

Size 2: 6cm(W) x 10m(L) 1 Roll = 10m

Material : PVC Foam (FREE DOUBLE TAPE)

  • [Specifications]: 60cm wide, with a price of 5meter. Take as many meters as you need.
  • [Thickness]: Including backing paper about 0.2mm.
  • [Material]: PVC material.
  • [Features]: Waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant.
  • Product Description:
  • Decorative waterproof sticker Mosaic pastes, the latest low carbon environmental protection product!
  • Method of use:
  • -To paste the location of surface dust or grease pollutants such as clean after dry (to stick on the surface of flat, not wet)
  • This corresponded with stickers to her how to put the best first.
  • - Carefully from top to bottom, stick wallpaper on the gradually remove the protection on the reverse of the paper layer.Use soft cloth or towel by wallpaper the central to gently wipe up flat on both ends, all the bubble discharge, ensure a smooth effect.
  • - If there are air bubbles with a needle stick out once it is ok to run the air.
  • Thickness – 0.25MM
  • Length – 5 Meter
  • Width – 0.6 Meter
  • Self Adhersive (No glue Needed)

- Complete and great paint brush roller kit for household, just renew a "clothes" for your house right away
- Set includes roller brush for painting, roller for finishing, tool for corners, collection tray, paint pourer (paint not included)
- Just pour the paint to refresh any wall or surface in minutes, saving your time and money
- Professional paint roller brush can turn the whole house and increasing the value more quickly than you think, and not dirty like traditional brushes
- Can also be used to cover the scratches and stains in just a few seconds
- Specification:
- Material: plastic + sponge + flocking + stainless steel

Model - 9928A
Actual 2100w wind hair dryer with Malaysia 3 pin plug. Those with 2 pin malaysia or china plug electric supply wont suitable for 2000w above (Means not really 2000w)
Voltage - 220v
Frequency - 50hz
Fan - 2 Speed
Temperature - 2 level
Warranty - 1 month


*Material:Plastic & Stainless Steel

*Condition:100% New and High Quality

*Red color only

Hand-push sweeping machine is a new generation of cleaning products, easy to operate and 360 degree steering, dust range throughout every corner of the home, you only Need to gently push the dust, canned paper, hair and other garbage swept away ,Fine stainless steel tube, comfortable grip! Handle made of high-strength stainless steel connection, the length can be adjusted, do not bend over, save time, effort.



PILLOW CASE *2PCS(50*70cm)

  • Size: length 6 * width 3.5 * thickness 1cm (± 1cm)
  • Material: PU / NBR
  • Weight: about 3 grams
  • Color: Randomly
  • Size 15.24x91.44cm
  • 54sqft per box
  • 36 pieces per box
  • Easy to assemble
  • Self adhesive
  • Waterproof


  1. It is applied to the household toilets,kitchen as well as public sanitary circumstances.
  2. Dispenser for liquid soap and fluid cream.
  3. No more waste.
  4. More personal hygiene.
  5. No more holes in the tiles.



Easy to assemble and disassemble
Layer - 2 Tier / 3 Tier
Color - Blue/Pink
Strong, Stable, Long Lasting
Space-saving, Convenient, Organized
Great Metal Paint Colour on the Rack Beam
Reinforced stainless Steel Rack Beam
Made from air-penetrable Non Woven Fabric which is tear-proof and waterproof