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  • -10meter panjang, 45cm lebar, 0.1mm tebal.
  • -Gred B
  • -Waterproof
  • -1kg
  • -PVC
  • [Specifications]: 60cm wide, with a price of 5meter. Take as many meters as you need.
  • [Thickness]: Including backing paper about 0.2mm.
  • [Material]: PVC material.
  • [Features]: Waterproof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant.
  • Product Description:
  • Decorative waterproof sticker Mosaic pastes, the latest low carbon environmental protection product!
  • Method of use:
  • -To paste the location of surface dust or grease pollutants such as clean after dry (to stick on the surface of flat, not wet)
  • This corresponded with stickers to her how to put the best first.
  • - Carefully from top to bottom, stick wallpaper on the gradually remove the protection on the reverse of the paper layer.Use soft cloth or towel by wallpaper the central to gently wipe up flat on both ends, all the bubble discharge, ensure a smooth effect.
  • - If there are air bubbles with a needle stick out once it is ok to run the air.
  • Thickness – 0.25MM
  • Length – 5 Meter
  • Width – 0.6 Meter
  • Self Adhersive (No glue Needed)

PVC waterproof Quality self-adhesive(No need glue)
Suit for wall, glass /window/cabinet and other flat surface , Peel and Stick only
Size: 45 cm width x 10 meters /roll
ROLL SIZE : 0.45m x 10 meter
Thickness: 0.1mm

Wallpapers Details:
-10meter panjang, 45cm lebar, 0.1mm tebal.
-Gred B

Mcm mana pasang wallpaper ni?
Ans: Belakang wallpaper dah ada gum siap sedia, x perlu luar beli gum. Konsep mcm sticker, buka keluar kertas belakang tu, lps tu blh terus tampal kat dinding.

Berapa gulung kena beli?
Ans: Saiz dinding kamu: Lebar x Tinggi / 49
Example: 4.9ft x 10ft =49sqft/49sqft = 1gulung.

Kalau ruang tamu/bilik biasanya berapa gulung?
Ans: Biasanya 2-3gulung. Hanya utk rujukan sebab setiap rumah saiz dinding adalah berbeza.

  • -10meter panjang, 45cm lebar, 0.1mm tebal.
  • -Gred B
  • -Waterproof
  • -1kg
  • -PVC